Vermont Overland Sponsorship Opportunities

Vermont Overland events offer tremendous marketing opportunity and value.    VO event sponsors enjoy a captive audience of passionate, enthusiastic overland consumers who are truly interested in their products and services.   Whether you’re marketing an adventure travel business or simply selling a unique item, overlanders know quality and are willing to support businesses and products that share their passion.

The Overland (bicycle race), Aug 28, 2016:

For the Overland, event sponsors will enjoy a premier vendor location at the race right in front of the main registration area and then at the finish line.  Hundreds of riders and spectators will be convened in this location for most of the day.  We will also add your logo (linked to your website) to our often visited race website and we’ll be sure to do social media blasts featuring your company before and after the event.   Total sponsorship cost for the Overland is $250 (includes full right to sell products at the event).   

There is also the Overland Major Sponsor Race Director’s Circle level of sponsorship that includes accommodations for the weekend at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, private dinners with our top riders, the Tim Johnson recon ride and, wait for it, a seat in the Race Director’s car (an off-road ready Land Rover) which will follow the lead riders right across the finish line, and that includes driving right down the Suicide Six ski area slopes!   Contract Race Director Peter Vollers for details (802) 291-2419.

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And VOR, the vendor value abounds.   For four straight days, adventure travelers from all corners of the country and of all shapes and sizes will descend upon the farm for little other reason than to bond with their fellow overlanders AND TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES IN ALL THINGS VERMONT!   It’s a perfect opportunity to market your quality services and products as you’ll have the undivided attention of the tremendously enthusiastic and passionate participants.   Plus, sponsors are invited to participate in all rally activities, including our seminars, training sessions and, especially, our amazing overlanding outings.

$250: includes prime vendor location, two vehicles, drivers and all passengers.  MUST BE SELLING AN OVERLANDING-RELATED PRODUCT

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