The Overland powered by Beanery Brewing, August 23, 2015


powered by Beanery Brewing!


 A 53-mile dirt road timed bicycle adventure ride featuring 6,000 feet of climbing, seven sections of “Vermont pavé” (unmaintained ancient public roads), a beautiful rural historic ski area start/finish and an awesome party afterwards.  It’s the ultimate overland adventure ride.   Open dirt roads, amazing scenery and an epic course unlike any you’ve ever ridden before, all within a beautiful Vermont pastoral setting.





The purpose of this ride is to promote the wonderful world of overland adventure riding.  Experience what it’s like to ride your bike on roads that are not only incredibly beautiful but are, most importantly, largely free of hostile car traffic.   Throw in some ancient unmaintained roads for technical challenge and the real adventure begins!


The Overland has now partnered with Sustainable Woodstock, a local charity supporting all forms of local energy conservation, planet-friendly sustainable economic programs and local youth cycling projects in the Woodstock area.  The Overland will be donating a portion of every entry fee to Sustainable Woodstock.


(500 rider field limit so register early!)

The Overland is an open ride so anyone can enter.  From the more aggressive riders gunning for the win to the local biker out for the challenge, everyone will start together at Suicide Six Ski Area.  The riders will embark at 9 am sharp on the amazingly picturesque “ronde” course meandering through some of the most lovely countryside in New England.

Six-time National Cyclocross Champion, Tim Johnson, will be riding The Overland!!!  How often do you get to line up against a rider of this caliber in the very same ride?!

Ryan Dunn Photography

Ryan Dunn Photography

And this is where The Overland stands alone (at least here in the US):  pavé!  The course features six sections of unmaintained public roads we lovingly refer to as “Vermont pavé.”  The pavé sections vary in difficulty, but all are fully rideable on a standard cyclocross or gravel racing bike with low gearing.

Drummond Cycles Custom Dirt/Gravel Racing Bike

There is one particularly difficult section of pavé we are nicknaming the “Koppenberg” after the famous climb in the Tour of Flanders.  Again, fully rideable, but nevertheless very challenging, and there are five full sections of pavé after this separated by fast, flatter dirt road stretches where riders will naturally regroup and classic road race tactics will come into play.

Ryan Dunn Photography

The riders will descend into South Royalton village at nearly the half-way point where they will be greeted with an amazing sag station sponsored by Worthy Burger and Vermont Law School with a water and shuttle service provided by the KMS Cycling Team.

Ryan Dunn Photography

After gorging themselves at the sag, the riders will hit the most challenging pavé section in the ride, the “Arenberg Forest,” named after the famous brutal pavé section in Paris-Roubaix:

Ryan Dunn Photography

Immediately after which the riders will emerge onto a brief section of tarmac where they’ll sprint it out roadie-style for the familiar-for-some KOM sprint.

Then the riders will descend on pavement into Barnard village where they’ll be treated to the second sag stop at about the 34 mile mark.  This sag will be all about the locally made maple syrup product as Woods Syrup, based right in Barnard, is sponsoring same.

And while the riders are out on the road, there will be some awesome kids’ races near the finish sponsored by the Red Wagon Toy Company located at 41 Central Street, Woodstock (see VOGP Schedule of Events for details)!

Once the riders arrive back at the ski area, they’ll be greeted by their fellow riders who will be watching from the Beanery Brewing beer pavilion!   And wait til you see the finish stretch!

 And to reward everyone, we’ll have a huge post-ride party with local food and beverage sponsored by Vermont Smoke and Cure and Worthy Kitchen.  Not only will you experience the best bike riding of your life, you’ll experience that best food and drink as well!

The Overland is a ride built on grit and determination.

Ryan Dunn Photography

But with a large dollop of fun and soul thrown in for good measure.

Ryan Dunn Photography


On Saturday, August 22, join our featured pro, Tim Johnson, for a casually-paced 1.5 hour no-drop recon ride covering pavé sections 1 and 2!  The ride will leave at 2 pm from Suicide Six Ski Area in South Pomfret.  After the ride, join us at the Worthy Kitchen at the east end of Woodstock Village from 4-8 pm where you can also register for the ride!  



(500 rider field limit so register early!)



Fully sublimated Vermont plaid green full-zip club cut jersey. True to size.

Fully sublimated Vermont plaid green jersey featuring very light fleece wicking fabric. Perfect for cooler days or evening rides. Club cut true to size.

Bib shorts fully sublimated to look like Carhartt work pants! True to size.

8″ cuff socks fully sublimated to look like work boots!

Click on THIS LINK for the course map/cue sheet site.


(500 rider field limit so register early!)


Where’s the start/finish, parking and registration?   At Suicide Six Ski Area located 247 Stage Road, Pomfret, Vermont.

What kind of bike ride is this?  Road ride?  Cross ride?  Mountain bike ride?   It’s a little bit of all three.  It’s an overland bike ride.

What percentage of the course is dirt?  About 92%.  The pavement sections are purely transitional with the exception of the 3k KOM stretch.

What type of bike is optimal for the Overland:  A cross bike or gravel specific bike with at least 28c tires and low gearing (34×32 is a nice lowest gear).  You may need a mountain bike rear derailleur to make it work.   For those new to dirt road riding, a hard tail mountain bike is perfect.  Road bikes on as big a tire as you can fit are third best.  Or, if you really want to know what the absolute ideal bike is for pretty much all gravel racing, it’s the Drummond Cycles custom dirt/gravel bike.

Is there a bike shop in town in case I need to have my bike tuned or pick up some a spare tube and CO2?   Yes, Woodstock Sports, located at 30 Central Street, Woodstock will be open and ready for business and will likely have a tent at the start/finish area.  In fact, they’re a major event sponsor and will be providing water to all the riders!

Where are the bathrooms?  Thanks to HB Energy in Springfield, VT, we’ll also have many porta johns located near the start/finish line and registration at Suicide Six.

Where’s number pick-up/registration?  Register online by clicking on the links above or below.  Number pick-up and day-of registration will be at Suicide Six near the start/finish line.  Registration will open at 7 am on race day.  We will also have number pickup from 6-8 pm on Sat, Aug. 22 at the Worthy Kitchen restaurant in Woodstock.  Ride-day registration fee is $80, so it’s best to register online!  [All race day registrations will go directly to the KMS Cycling Team fund].

Will all of the intersections have marshals?   No.  We’ll have some marshals at the busier paved road intersections, but, other than that, we’ll have marking chalk on the ground marking the course turns and some arrow signage.  All riders will be required to obey general road signs.   And keep your head up for the rare oncoming vehicles on the dirt roads.

How will the course be marked?  The course will be marked ENTIRELY with white marking chalk on the road.  You’ll see a chalked arrow 100 meters from a turn, then another one 50 meters from a turn, then a big arrow going through the turn.  The arrows will be tough to miss and they’ll be tenacious enough to last through a rainstorm.  We’ll also have two white lines on the road signifying you’ve missed a turn.

Will there be other prizes to win?  Yes.  We’ll have locally-made prizes for the top three mens and womens podium finishers as well as special KOM winner prizes.

Will every finisher get a time?    We’ll keep timing open until 3 pm.  Everyone finishing prior to 3 pm will receive a formal time and placing.  We’ll also break the times out into 10 year age groups.

Will there be support vehicles for spare wheels?   Yes and no.  There will be 4×4 support vehicles on the course, but mainly for emergencies and major mechanical issues. For punctures, you’re on your own.  Because the riders will be pretty spread out on the course, there’s no feasible way to run wheel support vehicles.  So leave the tubulars at home and ride some good, solid clincher cross tires aired to at least 55 psi.  Anything less and you’re risking pinch flats.  Also, don’t forget to bring a spare tube and air source and you should practice your changes to minimize time losses in case of a puncture.


Will the ride be canceled for inclement weather?  No.  The ride will go off in any weather.  Some say the worse the better!

Do I need a license to ride?   No, this is an open timed fondo style ride. Anyone can enter.

Can I race to raise money for another charity?  Absolutely, by all means.

What if I can’t finish?   No problem.  Many will not be able to finish.  We’ll have bail out points all along the course where you can cut back to S. Pomfret.

Can I walk the pave sections if I can’t ride them?  Of course.  In fact, it’s advisable if you’re new to the dirt road scene.  The pave sections are relatively short (most less than 1 k), so it’s no big deal to walk portions of them or even all of them.

Will there be sag stops for those just racing to finish?  Absolutely.  We’ll have our Worthy Burger sag stop in S. Royalton village and our Woods Maple Syrup sag stop in Barnard Village.  Leave the processed ride food at home and embrace the Vermont way by eating locally-produced real food.

Will there be an awards ceremony?  Yes, we’ll hold an awards ceremony at 1:30 pm near the beer tent near the finish line.

Where’s the food after the race?  We’ll have loads of free chow being served by our generous race sponsors.

Is there a host hotel?  There is not as we pretty much fill all of the local hotels.  A great resource for local accommodations is the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce.

Does the race benefit any organization?  Yes, the race benefits our junior cycling program, the Killington Mountain School Cycling Team and we’ve partnered with Sustainable Woodstock to help all forms of energy conservation and sustainable economics in the region.

How can I sponsor the event?  Click here for details.

What’s the general vibe of VOGP? A video says a thousand words:

VOGP 2014 from Justin Lillie on Vimeo.



(500 rider field limit so register early!)





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