Our 4x4 offerings are the epitome of the exploration aspect of Vermont Overland.   The usual process is to pour over the maps to plan a cool route, then scope it out in the Land Rover to see if it's viable on the Cannondale gravel or mountain or e-mountain bikes while also cutting any deadfall out of the trail with the chainsaw, then bike the best portions of the route.   What's stemmed from that process is a whole overlanding movement of 4x4 exploration in Vermont.   In truth, this is nothing new.   It's really just an extension of good old-fashioned family jeeping which has been a Vermont tradition since the 1940s.   



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Vermont Overland Beer Safari

2019 Info Coming soon.

Vermont Overland Trophy

July 30 thru August 4, 2018

A point to point overlanding odyssey challenging man and machine while showcasing the best the Green Mountain State has to offer.Every self-respecting overlander knows the holy grail of grueling overland expeditions, the Camel Trophy.    Vermont Overland Trophy is Camel Trophy made practicable and sustainable.


Vermont Overland Rally

Vermont Overland Rally is a 4×4 overlanding birdwatching rally.  Participants convene with their state of the art overlanding setups for rugged camping in an intimate rural venue. VOR is a place to come and let the true overlander in you shine through.  You’ll use your vehicle, equipment and training to their fullest and form lasting bonds with your fellow overlanding tribe members.   A not to be missed overlanding bucket lister for sure!