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Vermont's network of gravel and unmaintained Class 4 roads is endless. Our cycling events sprung out of our passion to explore these ancient roads and share the experience with the world. We have three events total, covering the full spectrum of Vermont adventure cycling. 


Vermont Overland Maple Adventure Ride

Sunday, March 25, 2018: Climby, narrow, beautiful rural dirt roads with our trademark “Vermont Pave” Sectors (unmaintained town roads).  Depending on the weather, the road conditions could range from frozen solid with sand spread on them to all-out mud season!  REGISTRATION WILL OPEN MID-JANUARY, 2018!

Vermont Overland Pavé Madness

Sunday, July 1, 2018: A 23 mile epic mountain bike/fat bike adventure ride comprised almost entirely of rocky, muddy and climby Class 4 (unmaintained) roads!  Ridiculously steep climbs and crazy rocky, muddy descents as well as roads that look more like riverbeds than trails, this ride will be insanely challenging (although all totally rideable) and, as with all VO cycling events, you’ll feel like you’ve been around the world by the time you finish!  REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN SPRING, 2018!


The Overland

Sunday, August 26, 2018: The Overland is a 45-mile dirt road bicycle race featuring 6,000 feet of climbing, eight sections of “Vermont pavé” (unmaintained ancient public roads), two well-fortified sag stops, a magnificently scenic route and an awesome party afterwards.  It’s the ultimate overland adventure ride.   Open dirt roads, amazing scenery and an epic course unlike any you’ve ever ridden before, all within a beautiful Vermont pastoral setting.  REGISTRATION OPENS NEW YEARS DAY AT 10 AM!