Gfest canceled. Long live THE OVERLAND!


We knew when we created Gfest, we were entering some new territory with a multi-day gravel event, and we honestly thought it would be a big hit.  But on NY Day, when both the Gfest and the Overland reg opened, the Overland sold out at 500 riders in 12 minutes, temporarily disabling the BikeReg server in the process!  We then looked over at the Gfest page and saw a sparse 24 entries after almost an hour.  Right then and there we made the decision to cancel Gfest so we could open more spaces for the Overland.  

So that's exactly what we're doing.   We'll be opening up another 100 spots for the Overland on Sunday, January 6 at 9 am EST.   We'll also be opening up Sat night camping spots at the same time.  

Thx so much for all of the support and enthusiasm.   It's you fine people who make this all so worthwhile and fun.



Happy New Year all!

Peter Vollers | Vermont Overland

Ansel DickeyComment