VOMAR Detailed Info

VOMAR Detailed Info

START FINISH LOCATION:  Ascutney Trails, Ski Tow Road, West Windsor, VT


Ran in conjunction with Vermont Sugar Maker’s Open House Weekend.  


MAPLE SAG:  We’ll have a refreshment stop at VO HQ (13.7 miles) with unparalleled maple-themed sag fare!  

COURSE MAP AND CUE SHEET (click on map below):

Terrain/difficulty:  Climby, narrow, beautiful rural dirt roads with THREE SECTORS of “Vermont Pave” (unmaintained town roads).  Depending on the weather, the road conditions could range from frozen solid with sand spread on them to all-out mud season!  The beauty of this circuit is that, if at any time you feel like calling it a day, you can simply turn and head back to the start/finish.  Either way and any way, this ride will be an amazing and challenging adventure!


Pace:  Go at your own.  I can tell you that there will certainly be a front group going hard on the climbs, but there will also be plenty of folks riding steady to just enjoy the scenery.  The course will be marked with arrows that look like this:


Support:  We’ll have Vermont Overland’s now famous 4×4 support team out there.  Have a problem?  Just flag down one of the Land Rovers!

Weather:  We’ll go in any weather, so plan on it and dress properly!

Post ride:  La Pizza Lupo will be selling farm-table pizza and local craft beer right in the parking lot (we'll have portable fire pits at full blaze!)  Grab a brew and a couple slices and share your war stories by the open fire!

Bike:  Any.  Gravel, cyclocross and hard-tail mtb are optimal.  Fat bikes aired up are very nice as well.

Do it for the adventure.  Do it for the fitness.

Do it for the PIZZA AND BEER!

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