Vermont Overland Pavé Madness

Vermont Overland Pavé Madness



Conquer the Pavé

A 23 mile epic mountain bike/fat bike adventure ride comprised almost entirely of rocky, muddy and climby Class 4 (unmaintained) roads!  Ridiculously steep climbs and crazy rocky, muddy descents as well as roads that look more like riverbeds than trails, this ride will be insanely challenging (although all totally rideable) and, as with all VO cycling events, you’ll feel like you’ve been around the world by the time you finish!

Course:  Downright gnarly.   But still rideable for the more technically adept riders.  Make no mistake.  This course will be like nothing else you’ve ever ridden.  Start with a gradual dirt road climb through beautiful open farm country, then enter the first pavé sector and the real action begins.  The key in the technical sections will be to pick your line wisely.  Do that and you have a good chance of riding that section.  Choose poorly and you’ll be hoofing that section for sure, but, hey, that’s all part of the adventure.  We’ll all be in it together and, by the time you finish, you’ll feel like you’ve been to the top of Mt. Everest and through the Amazon jungle all in one ride!


Ride Info

• July 1, 2018 / 10 am start •

• Location: 419 Bailey Mills Road, Reading Vermont •

• Course Map: IT'S A SECRET •

• Accommodations: Free camping for all registered participants and family at race HQ. Airbnb nearby. •

• 300 RIDER MAX! •

• USAC Permit # 2018-976 (insurance) •

WORRY-FREE REGISTRATION!  As with all VO events, if you can’t make it, you may assign your registration to whomever you like.  Simply log back into your bikereg account and change the rider information to your replacement before registration closes prior to the event.  No need to even contact the promoter!