VOR Detailed Info

Vor detailed information

Thursday, Sept 27:   

  • Arrive anytime, go through the drive-up registration (beginning at 9 am), set up camp, open a beverage, relax and catch up with friends.
  • 6 pm:  Introduction meeting at main tent.  Come meet your event organizers and staff and get a general overview of the event.

Friday and Saturday, Sept 28 and 29:

  • 6 to 9 am:   Fresh brewed coffee and home-made breakfast and baked goods available from Pete's Cookshack!
  • 8 am:  Riverside pygmy goat yoga with Tayloe Denton.
  • 10 am to 4 pm:   Driving and recovery training by Overland Experts’ Erik Eisensmith.  Learn proper driving skills from the best in the business.  These are the guys who teach our military how to drive off-road!  Erik will be taking groups out for instructional driving outings throughout the weekend. 
  • 8:00 am to 4:30 pm:   Self-navigating bird watching overlanding excursions.     Vermont Class 4 (unmaintained) roads are ideal bird watching access points.  We’ll provide maps of all of recommended towns and on each map we’ll color-code the Class 4 road sections for difficulty.  Formulate your own routes based on your preferences and time constraints.   Each map will include suggested stops at great bird watching locations, historic sites, lunch stops at awesome localvore-oriented spots and other interesting stops and attractions!   After experiencing VOR, you’ll be able to venture out on your own into the Vermont backcountry with confidence!
  • 5 to 7 pm:  Vendor area mingling, socializing, bonding, tribe-building.  Grab a beverage, come to the vendor area, hang out and enjoy yourself.
  • 5 to 7 pm:   Just for kids!   Design your own Land Rover under the main tent.   Drop the kids off at the main tent while you peruse the vendor area within a short distance away and within earshot.
  • 5 pm to 8 pm:   Dinner for purchase provided by our local farm-table pizza trucks!   And local craft beer sales provided by Bent Hill Brewery!   A la carte and cash only.
  • Saturday 7 pm(ish):  AWESOME RAFFLE sponsored by Xtreme Mobile Adventures

Sunday, September 30:

  • 7 am to 9:30 am:   fresh brewed coffee and home-made breakfast available a la carte from Pete's Cookshack.
  • 8 to 11 am:   clean up and good-byes.


  • VOR will be held at Vermont Overland Bird Watching Society Headquarters at 419 Baileys Mills Road in historic Reading, Vermont.  The property features multiple camping pastures, riverside camping, woods camping, a swimming pool, outdoor shower and potable water at the house.    We also have two awesome country stores all within five miles of us for provisioning, one of which has an amazing farm-table breakfast/lunch cafe!   Fuel is five miles south in Downer’s Corners (yes, they have diesel).
  • Food:  We’ll have vendors on site with food available for purchase as desired.   We’ll have Pete's Cookshack back in action for breakfast and we’ll also have our incredible local pizza trucks here serving homemade farm-table organic wood-fired pizza!  For those wanting a bit more pampering, just walk down the road to our local farm-table bistro, Keeper’s Cafe!
  • GET OUT THERE!  This is what sets VOR apart from other overlanding events:  you can actually get out and do some real off-road overlanding exploration.  We’ll teach you how to navigate Vermont’s prolific unmaintained ancient road networks on your own to find the best bird watching areas.  You’ll be able to test your skills and equipment over a wide variety of overlanding terrain.  When you get back to the venue in the afternoon, grab a beverage and come over to the vendor area and just hang out, meet all sorts of fun-loving, interesting, like-minded people and thoroughly enjoy yourself.


  • Camping in Vermont in October is not really my thing.  Is there a host inn nearby?  Yes!  We have the amazingly historic Baileys Mills B & B almost within walking distance of the venue not to mention the amazingly quaint Kedron Valley Inn about five miles away in South Woodstock.   If you want the best of the best, head 10 miles up the road to the Woodstock Inn & Resort in lovely Woodstock village.  
  • Can I just come and register at the event?  We’re afraid not.  All registrations must be online from the registration page.  See links above.
  • Do I have to go bird watching?  Of course not.  You can do whatever you like while out exploring.  The adventure is yours to experience!
  • Can I have a campfire at my campsite?  Absolutely.   Just make sure you douse the fire thoroughly when leave.  We’ll also have lots of firewood available in the northerly quiet-area pasture (for donation to the neighbor).
  • Can I come just for the day?   We’re afraid not.   We do not offer a day pass. It’s all or nothing with VOR.
  • Can my friends come and park their car on the property and then join me at my registered vehicle campsite?  We’re afraid not.  There is no non-participant parking on the property.
  • Will there be facilities at the event?  Portajohns and fresh water. The rest is up to you.
  • What if I break down on the trails?  There will be likely be others coming through who will be willing and able to help you.   You can also contact Performance Unlimited at 802-332-6383 for mechanical help and recovery (they will be charging their usual rates).
  • Will there be on-campus trails?  Only those needed to get to your campsite.  All off-road excursions are self-navigated exploration entirely on public roads.
  • Can I bring my family and the dog?  Yes, the price is per vehicle, so bring them all.
  • Speaking of, will there be a quieter, separate family camping area?  The main late night revelry will be across the river (affectionately known as "8 Mile") so that’s likely where there will be late night noise.   We’ll have quiet area camping in the northerly pasture, but best to camp in the woods for truly quiet camping.
  • Who’s responsible for me when I’m “off-campus?”   While we’ll go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and safety at the venue, during the day, when you go out into the wilds of Vermont, you’re on your own.   All planned overlanding routes are merely suggested and they are all on public state and town highways.  While there will likely be other groups coming through, you will truly be on your own out there.  Go alone or go in small groups, but just be aware that our responsibility for you stops at the gate of the farm.   VOR is where you come to actually use your training and knowledge, so be smart out there.