The Overland


Saturday, August 24, 2019:

  • 4-7 pm: Pre-race party and number pickup at the race venue at 419 Bailey’s Mills Rd, Reading, VT 05062. Come and enjoy local craft beer and our awesome farm-table Trail Break Taps + Tacos taco truck!

Sunday, August 25, 2019:

  • 7-8:45 am: Number pick-up and at the race venue under the tent in the Vendor/Food truck area near the start finish

  • 8:30-8:55 am: Rider staging, callups

  • 8:30 am: VO Course Prerunner depart

  • 8:55 am: Final instructions

  • 9:00 am: START (neutral for first mile)

  • 11:30 am (approx) to 3:00 pm: Riders finishing. Hang out for some great post-ride beer and buy some chow from the local food truck options!

  • Noon to 3 pm: After party with La Pizza Lupo and Trail Break Taps and Tacos food trucks with beer and food for purchase! Head to the Cannondale Spokeasy Trailer after the race and the first beer is on VO!

  • 1:00 pm: Podium ceremony near the finish line

  • 3:00 pm: Timing shut down, clean up



  • The purpose of this race is to promote the wonderful world of overland adventure riding and to benefit the Reading/West Windsor Food Shelf, an integral organization in the event’s host town of Reading.  Experience what it’s like to ride your bike on roads that are not only incredibly beautiful but are, most importantly, largely free of hostile car traffic.   Throw in some ancient unmaintained roads for technical challenge and the real adventure begins!

  • The Overland is an open ride so anyone can enter. From the more aggressive riders gunning for the win to the local biker out for the challenge, everyone will start together. The riders will embark at 9 am sharp on the amazingly picturesque “ronde” course meandering through some of the most lovely Vermont countryside.

  • Pre-race camping. Sorry, all pre-race camping is reserved for GRAVELFEST participants:

  • And this is where the Overland stands alone (at least here in the US): PAVÉ! The course features seven sectors of unmaintained public roads we lovingly refer to as “Vermont Pavé.” The pavé sectors vary in difficulty ranging from Category 4 all the way up to the Hors Categorie Oude Kwaremont, but all are rideable on a standard cyclocross or gravel racing bike with low gearing (and very rideable on a mountain bike). Ideal bike is, of course, the Cannondale SuperX available through Drummond Cycles:

  • Riders will be treated to two awesome sag stops, the first at 19 miles sponsored by Dark Horse Realty, Untapped and Worthy Kitchen, and the second at 33 miles at the Food Shelf itself sponsored by Rasputitsa Spring Classic!

  • And to reward everyone, we’ll have a huge post-ride party with local food and beverage available for purchase from our local food trucks and nano-brewery beer sponsor. Not only will you experience the best bike riding of your life, you’ll experience that best food and drink as well! AND CANNONDALE WILL BUY YOUR FIRST BEER!



  • Where’s the start/finish, parking and registration? Everything is located at the race venue at 419 Bailey’s Mills Road, Reading, VT 05062. We’ll have a registration tent in the vendor/food truck area. There will be VIP/Team parking ($20 additional charge) right next to the start finish in the river pasture. Race starts promptly at 9 am. Neutral start for the 1st mile.

  • Does my entry for GRAVELFEST include the Overland race entry? It does not. It’s our feeling that many GRAVELFEST participants may not want to race the Overland after riding, camping and socializing so much for three days prior. We’d love to have the GFEST participants head out to cheer the racers on the course and then come back to see the finish and party down with the racers. Of course, all GRAVELFEST participants are welcome to also register for the Overland. Tall order but more power to those who can hack it!

  • Will there be camping near the venue? Sorry, all pre-race camping is reserved for GRAVELFEST participants:

  • What kind of bike race is this? Road race? Cross race? Mountain bike race? It’s a little bit of all three. It’s an overland bike race.

  • What percentage of the course is dirt? About 98%. The pavement sections are purely transitional and no longer than a kilometer in each stretch.

  • What type of bike is optimal for the Overland: As most have realized, the Cannondale SuperX is the quintessential bike for the Overland. A cross bike or gravel specific bike with at least 32c tires and low gearing (34×36 is a nice lowest gear) will also do nicely. You may need a mountain bike rear derailleur to make it work. For those new to dirt road riding, a hard tail mountain bike is great. Road bikes on as big a tire as you can fit are okay but not optimal. [NB: For those just riding to finish and on the fence between a cross and mt bike, you may want to go with the latter.]

  • Is there a bike shop in town in case I need to have my bike tuned or pick up some a spare tube and CO2? Yes, Woodstock Sports, located at 30 Central Street, Woodstock will be open and ready for business on Fri and Saturday. In fact, they’re a major event sponsor and will be providing water to all the riders!



WORRY-FREE REGISTRATION!  As with all VO events, if you can’t make it, you may assign your registration to whomever you like.  Simply log back into your bikereg account and change the rider information to your replacement before registration closes prior to the event.  No need to even contact the promoter!


Ned Overend talks about the Overland with Outside Magazine: