Vermont Overland Registration Day!


Happy Holidays from VO!

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means: the VO 2019 registration day is almost here! Set your alarms for 10am on January 1, 2019, New Years Day. Registration for The Overland opens at 10 am on NY Day and VOBS opens at 9 pm on NY Day. Remember that there are only 500 spots for the Overland and 250 spots for VOBS. Last year, the Overland sold out in just two hours and we anticipate it filling even faster this year. Registration best practices are to have the BikeReg page loaded and make sure you’re signed into your BikeReg account for faster checkout. When 10am hits, refresh the page and reg away!

The OVERLAND gravel bike race!

Same awesome epic course with one minor tweak. We’ve brought it through “downtown” Brownsville in West Windsor so that the hundreds of you who pre-ride the course during the season can stop at the awesome Brownsville Bucher and Pantry when doing so. This tweak also omits some dangerous intersections and adds a much-needed mid-race breather after the super climby start. Then stop at the endless spring at Sag 2 powered by Rasputitsa Gravel Race location at the Reading/West Windsor Food Shelf at mile 34 for a final water stop with 10 miles to go. These tweaks make the iconic Overland course even more of a season-long attraction to the area. Just come and park at the start across from Peter’s house at 419 Bailey’s Mills Road, Reading, VT 05062 and have at it anytime. No need to even let us know! See the 2019 course below:



This is our sole remaining 4x4 overlanding event. Pretty much the same awesome format as always. New for 2019 will be the addition of many new towns to the mapping file, including lots in Windham County. Registration opens at 9 pm on New Year’s Day and it always fills fast, so set your alarms!



VOMAR will be back in action for 2019! Reg opens Sunday, February 3 at 10 am. Same general course except we’ll have Pave Sector 3 in full effect. Only 25 miles but boy does this ride pack a punch! Come and enjoy this New England gravel season-opening monument! The ride is a major fundraiser for Ascutney Outdoors.



Yours in gravel,

Peter Vollers | Vermont Overland

Peter Vollers