VOLOG – Packing the trails for VOMAR and some other shenanigans.

As with all VO events, VOMAR is a celebration of Vermont's ancient road network also known in gravel parlance as "Vermont Pavé." There are three pavé sectors in VOMAR and they are particularly challenging due to the fact that they're covered in snow in March! To give the riders a chance of being able to ride these sectors, we use the venerable Bumble, our vintage Range Rover Classic, to pack two tracks in the snow. We do this in layers so they have a chance to set up by game day. NB:  With the exception of certain pockets of the state and private land trail networks, in general, off-roading in Vermont between November 1 and May 15 is frowned upon as it's hunting and then snowmobile seasons. The roads used for VOMAR impact only a short stretch of snowmobile trail and the town has prohibited snowmobiling on that section for the few hours that VOMAR uses that road. We hope that you enjoy this VOLOG and if the spirit moves you, give it a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe to our VO channel for more videos.

Time Stamps:

0:00-1:20 // Lunch at the Brownsville Butcher and Pantry
1:20-3:10 // Packing up Bumble and heading to the first trail. Peter talks about winter wheeling in VT and why it’s normally a no-go.

3:10-4:23 // VOMAR pavé sector 2 (driving backwards on course)

4:23-7:06 // Tour around Mike Dunne’s beautiful shop and his Defender 110.

7:06-8:15 // Heading back to Peter’s house to grab the Maxtrax. We didn’t end up needing them but the are INCREDIBLY useful when you DO need them.

8:15-9:56 // VOMAR pavé sector 1 (again driving backwards on course)

9:56-10:52 // The number one most important thing to avoid when wheeling.

10:52-12-37 // Parting pieces of goodness.

The gear we used on this shoot:

Canon 1dxii – an absolute powerhouse of a camera.

Rhode VideoMicro – great compact on-camera audio. Awesome for run-and-gun stuff.

GoPro Session – great to stick this thing in weird places. Surprisingly good quality.

Gorilla Pod – be careful when setting this down! Your camera can fall over. Great for vlogging though.

Bumble’s Winch – See this video at 3:20 for full review.



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